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HPKOGM Cooperative

Kantor: Ds Wih Tenang Uken Kec.Permata Kab.Bener Meriah. BANDA ACEH
Telpon: ( 061 ) 8440274

Gambaran Umum

The Himpunan Petani Kopi Organik Gayo Musara (HPKOGM Cooperative) stands for “ Himpunan Petani Kopi Organik Gayo Musara/ Association Of United Gayo Organic Coffee Farmers”. Most members of the group are from Permata district, where the cooperative office is located.

Other members are Bandar and Timang Gajah district. The organization covers 25 groups, organized according to 25 collectors and 1115 farmers joining initiative with total: 1.482.3 ha altogether that indicating organic: 54.13% and conversion: 45.48% and in this case, it can be informed that the some numbers of 1122 farmers join the HPKOGM Cooperative since May 2009.

The cooperative was founded to enable export of Fairtrade and Organic Coffee. In this case, I hereby confirm that the HPKOGM Cooperative is Fairtrade Certified by FLO International since October 2008 while organic certification is obtained from IMO-Institute for Marketecology since October 2009.

Hubungi HPKOGM Cooperative