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Pro Teknik

Kantor: Jl.Taruna Dalam Vii No.56 Pulogadung Jaktim 13260 JAKARTA
Phone: ( 021 ) 4704719


PD. PRO-TEKNIK® is a growth oriented supplier and trading are business partner.
The major business line in a distribution machine and General trading.

PRODUCT LIST ®) TESTING SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENT EQUIPMENT Water Quality Tester, pH meter, Photometer, Water Sampler, Rain Gauge, Wind Direction, Anemometer, Sun Shine Recorder, Thermometer, Water Level Indicator, Gas Detector, Water Level Logger, Wheater Station, Sound Level Meter, Personal Human Vibration Meter, Radiation Meter, Gauss/Tesla Meter, High Volume Air Sampler, Lux Meter, Stack Sampler, Environmental Particulate Monitor, Soil Tester, Concrete Tester, Asphalt Tester, Resistivity / GeoElectricity meter, Geology Survey Instrument. Tachometer, Vibration Meter, Sound Level Meter, Thickness Gauge, Flaw Detector, Hardness Tester, Welding Gauge, Multimeter, Clamp Meter, insulation/continuity tester, earth tester, Gauss Meter, etc.

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