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Kantor: Puri Gardena Blok.G.1 No.22.Pegadungan - Kalideres JAKARTA
Phone: ( 021 ) 29725045


CV.Jaya Agung Pratama established since 2002
Having a subscriber of: Hotel, Automotive, Plant, Power Plant, Mine, Studio TV, etc.

CV.Jaya Agung Pratama is a Trading Company special products:
- Operate - Maintain - Clean and - Improve machine / tool "industries, such as:

* Oil Lubricants " ERGENE US.Products "
* Grease Lubricants " ERGENE US.Products "
* Chemical Aerosol / Bulk  " ERGENE US.Formulated "
* Welding Wire / Welding Alloys "TROPICAL"

CV.Jaya Agung Pratama
provide Solutions Product Selection Special Care Industry in terms of
Price, Quality, and Legality, for free.
So can Reduce Costs, Efficiency Work, and Authenticity of Goods.
More Information Contact Us To Present Products, Security, And Services.


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For serious enthusiasts, please contact:
Isaiah Jappeter
Tel: 021-68574696 - 68797075
HP. 082123021989.087878688084
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