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CV Multi Guna Karya

Kantor: Cileungsi Blok I. 6 No. 21 Bogor - Indonesia BOGOR
Phone: ( 021 ) 91005675


We serve all kinds of ornaments with GRC basic material for all of Indonesia. As for our products include:

  • Dome of the mosque, and other buildings such as the Mall, Apartment, Villa, Cathedral, etc. The gate to the region.
  • Ornaments such as console-based GRC, lisplank, column cover, the cover blocks, head of the column, the column foot, kerawangan, Loster, interior panels, exterior panels, tables, chairs, company logo etc.

Our team are experienced professionals with many years specializing in the manufacture and installation of GRC. This material is a decorative element that is very flexible in its placement, can be used in a room (as an element of the interior) and outside the room (as an exterior element). Where is the absolute beauty of a structure of laws for everyone. Both these men as lovers, owners and people involved in the design of a building.

In this case we tried to introduce one of the decorative elements have flexible in both form and appliance into a building. This element is quite varied in both form and size.

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