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PT Data Komunikasi Privasi Dakompriv

Kantor Pusat: Tatapuri Building Lt. 7 Jl Tanjung Karang No.3-4A JAKARTA
Telpon: ( 021 ) 3925637

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VoiceShield® provides the highest level of double-encryption technology for  users to communicate securely via voice calls, text messages and file sharing.
VoiceShield® works over your mobile device’s data plan or wifi.
VoiceShield® is also equipped with features to help identify and notify the  user during certain hacking or phone attempts.

• Every conversation, sms, file and video will be encrypted twice, using AES  256 and then RC4-256.
• We use both symmetric and asymmetric cryptographswhich employ 2048 RSA and  ECDSA for the public key authentication.
• Prevents passive radio attacks and active network attack.
• VoiceShield conversation and data are not stored by any outside server; the  US-based manufacturer or Indonesian service provider cannot gain access to  user’s conversation, file data, video data or SMS Message.

iOS | Android | Blackberry

VoiceShield® is a downloadable app on smartphone which allows users to  communicate in a secure and confidential way.

VoiceShield® encrypts all media end-to-end, so you can be sure that all  communications are protected from any type of eavesdropping or packet sniffing.
All packets are doubly encrypted with the keys changing on every call and  message.
There is a SessionID shown on the phone screen of VoiceShield®, displaying a  derived session key value which is be used to detect any tapping and ensure  that there are no Man-in-the-Middle vulnerabilities.

1. Application is downloaded onto 2 different mobile phones.
2. When user 1 want to make a secure call or send a secure SMS, he opens the  application and makes a secure call to user 2.
3. User 2 receives a notification on his phone and answers the call / receives  the SMS.
4. Phone call/ SMS message cannot be intercepted or detected while using this  application.
5. Upon registration with VoiceShield®, the application is typically available  between 24 - 48 hours for immediate use.

VoiceShield® encryption technology allows :
• Standard downloadable app for commercial off-the-shelf smartphones.
• Entirely software-based solution, deployable over-the air in minutes.
• IP-based running on GSM/CDMA 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi and satellite.
• Certified to US NIST FIPS 140-2 security standard, validated to UK CESG  Claims Tested Mark.

For more information please contact :

Registered distributor for VoiceGuard in Indonesia.
NIST’s certification code : FIPS PUB 140-2.

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