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PT Prosval Consulting

Kantor: Sampoerna Strategic Square, South Tower Level 18 JAKARTA
Telpon: ( 021 ) 5750908

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PROSVAL CONSULTING is an independent strategy, management and business consulting firm, established by the alumni of several leading global consulting firms with the principle that consultants should deliver lasting results to clients, not just reports or theory. We measure our success by the immediate impact and lasting results we deliver to our clients – We succeed only if our clients succeed. Our business is helping clients continuously maximize shareholder value to their fullest potentials.

PROSVAL is the short form of PRO Stakeholders VALue capturing the essence of consulting business. We aim to create enduring value to all stakeholders: our clients, our consultants and employees, related communities and societies. We are fully committed and devoted our resources and efforts to bring prosperity, victory and value to all stakeholders in other words to prosval all stakeholders.

Prosval sees the essence of consulting services through three principles: Immediate Impacts, Lasting Results and Absolute Excellence. We strive for “Absolute Excellence” in serving our clients through cutting-edge insights, proven methodologies and frameworks as well as world class best practices. We deliver positive real impacts not just report or theory in the shortest possible time. We deliver sustained and enduring results to maximize clients’ shareholder value to the fullest potentials.

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