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PT Bandung Syntetic Sarong Mill

Kantor: Jl Jend Sudirman 823 BANDUNG 40213
Telpon: ( 022 ) 6030130

Gambaran Umum

Established in 1970, PT Bandung Synthetic Sarong Mill (P.T.BSSM) is proud to be the No. 1 Sarong (Indonesian Traditional Material) distributor in the region.

Over the years, our company has progressed to produce other types of polyester materials and product lines like Ladies & Gents Suiting, Georgette, and Curtains but we remained loyal to our esteemed core product - the Sarong. To better represent our products, we have changed our company name to PT Gajah Angkasa Perkasa Textile Mill.

We have however used BSSM.CO.ID as our website address so as to retain recognition and to serve our loyal clients. Our business has spanned to Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, America and the domestic markets in Indonesia.

Our absolute commitment to product quality is of high priority to us. We are proud of our products and pay meticulous attention to the production processes. We strongly inculcate this working orientation to our employees at all times. It goes without saying that the high standards of a quality product would be compromised if not for the support of our strong and responsible staffs and management.

Another top priority would be to provide excellent services to our valued customers. We strive to achieve this through the dedication of our marketing staffs and our variety of high quality polyester products. By working closely to our guiding principles of consistently high quality products, customer-oriented service and to constantly research and adopt new skills; we are confident to gain the trust of our customers, positive development and growing profitability